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Our Groups & Clubs

At the Social Skills Agency, our programmes are tailored to the individual needs of the participants. Social skills learnt in the groups may include:

  • Play and conversation skills – turn taking, greeting peers, sharing, and understanding multiple perspectives
  • Teamwork – negotiation and compromising
  • Understanding friendships
  • Accepting yourself – self-esteem and resilience

Upcoming clubs

Drama club

Saturdays 1-3pm at Tobacco Factory, Bristol

Term 1 – 9 Sept, 23 Sept, 7 Oct – Ages 10-12

Term 1 – 16 Sept, 30 Sept, 14 Oct – Ages 8-10 – TBC

Term 2 – 4 Nov, 18 Nov, 2 Dec – Ages 10-12

Term 2 – 11 Nov, 25 nov, 9 Dec – Ages 8-10 TBC

Creative/ Drama club

Term 2 (Nov) – Dates + Venue TBC – Teenagers 14+

Music club

Term 2 (Nov) – Dates + Venue TBC – Young adults

Price £150 per term

Families and Young People can access our clubs through Social Care funding, Personal Budgets, Direct Payments, or private funding. For families on low income the Social Skills Agency can agree on a monthly direct debit payment, as per Social Skills Agency discretion.


The aims of our groups and clubs are to:

  1. Engage and involve children and teens through shared interests, which is essential for getting young people excited about learning. We build upon a passion that is already an integral part of each child’s identity.
  2. Reveal (expose) the social concepts and rules within groups and general social interactions to promote social learning.
  3. Provide real-life opportunities for practice. Through our groups and clubs, children and teenagers can practice social learning and consolidate their social skills through on-going social exposure and safe, positive coaching.
Music Club
Drama Club
Film Club
Ideas and suggestions for new groups and clubs

Each club and group runs during school terms – 2 hours per session. They are offered as a 6-week package, which can be continued according to need.

We can also offer School Holiday Intensive Social Learning Programmes.

Do you want to know more?

If you are interested in finding out more about the clubs and groups we offer, or to register your interest, please contact us.

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Professional development

  • Staff training
  • Access & Engagement for Museums and Art/ Cultural Institutions

“It has been incredibly useful working with Social Skills Agency to help to develop a programme that can be accessible for all. Adri’s advice, enthusiasm and knowledge are invaluable and her positive approach to tackling barriers has empowered us to start taking action now to improve our ways of working.”

Clare Karslake, Assistant Curator of Learning, Arnolfini

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